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Many factors are considered when searching for the best candidates for your organization. Key among these is structure, culture, knowledge, and experience. Ultimately, you need the individual who can add the most value to your organization. We specialize in researching, analyzing, and interpreting complex marketplaces to source the best individual for your specific requirement.

Once we have clarity on your ideal candidate profile, we implement a customized search and attraction strategy. Our proprietary database of 80,000+ professionals allows us to easily identify and focus your search. This database combined with our research abilities, professional networks, and reputation in the marketplace, enables us to identify and target appropriate candidates. Once we have screened and pre-qualified appropriate candidates, we conduct behaviour and situation-based interviews, ensuring the presentation of best-qualified candidates.

One of the hallmarks of how we conduct our business is that we act as an extension of your organization. This means promoting your brand during all steps of the search process. Part of this process is to feedback market intelligence, so that you can gain a better understanding of how your brand is being perceived by talent. From the initial outreach into the targeted market, to discussions with potential candidates and lead generators, to the actual recruitment process, we will support and promote your brand.

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Psychometric or psychological assessments are an objective method of measuring basic abilities such as verbal and numerical skills, complex reasoning, patterns of behavior, and personal preferences.

A key characteristic of our psychometric assessments is the ability to glean a great deal of information that would otherwise be difficult to detect. It is vital to know whether an individual has the skills for the position and the fit for your organization's unique team and culture. This information provides valuable insight about potential job performance. Personality profiling and ability testing can significantly improve Human Resource/business decisions.

Value of Psychometric Assessments:

  • Minimizes costly errors in selection decisions.
  • Objective measurement is a better predictor of job performance.
  • Identifies strengths and development needs of the candidate.
  • Highlights the questions to be used for probing during interviews.
  • Rules out individual bias through an objective scope.
  • Indicates where and how individuals can be most effective.

Uses of Psychometric Assessments:

  • Selection, both internal and external.
  • Performance Appraisal.
  • Coaching and Career Development.
  • Team Building.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Career Transition Management.
  • Organizational Restructuring.
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With our extensive network in the Human Resources field, we are able to provide qualified HR professionals with diverse experience at all levels for short and long-term contracts. This allows your organization more flexibility in staffing coverage, planning, and project management.

We can provide skilled individuals for positions such as:

  • Talent Management.
  • Generalist.
  • HR Strategy.
  • Labour Relations.
  • Total Compensation.
  • Organizational Development and Effectiveness.
  • Training and Development.
  • Recruitment.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Employee Communications.
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Often an organization has staffing requirements, but can't engage in a full search. Through our unbundled search services, we can partner with your organization to reduce costs and improve efficiency. This service allows your organization to choose from a variety of different options to suit your unique needs and budget.

We are able to effectively enhance your recruitment efforts by handling key aspects of the process such as managing postings, screening resumes, responding to applicants, telephone or behavioral interviewing, reference checks, offer negotiation, and even creating a distinct database to maintain a pipeline of relevant candidates. As with any of our attraction services, we act as an extension of your organization and work to promote your brand within the marketplace.

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Talent Identification and Tracking

Attraction and retention of top caliber talent is critical to the success of every organization. We have the capability to identify and track an individual or groups of professionals for your organization's immediate and future talent intake needs. Tailored to your organization's specific recruitment needs, we are able to gather and track information. This service can be combined with our unbundled search services.

Alumni Tracking

Organizations often overlook a very important source of talent - past employees. These employees may have left for a variety of reasons, such as a more interesting opportunity, incompatibility with their manager, family issues, education break, etc. They are already familiar with your organization and it's unique culture, and will have gained invaluable experience that can benefit your organization.

Instead of losing touch with these individuals, we act as a confidential third party to build and manage a program where they can be tracked and contacted. By keeping up to date with your organization, we are able to keep abreast of opportunities and changes that might be of interest to these individuals. Through regular contact, we can assess their current progress, achievements, and fit with their current employer, and determine if there is an opportunity for you to re-engage their services.

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Talent retention is often one of the most overlooked, underdeveloped, and rarely integrated components of talent management. This is despite the fact that retaining talent is much less expensive than recruiting talent.

Through unique and/or customized engagement surveys, we can target the entire employee population, specific individuals, or teams within an organization and evaluate the risks to retention. As a third party, we gather specific and often sensitive information through our proprietary customized web tool, or through direct contact with selected employees. Staff is assured complete confidentiality, which allows them to be open and honest with their thoughts. Through this information we are able to determine where the risks lie, why these risks exist, who is affected, and what will encourage employees to stay.

We design strategies, develop questionnaires, conduct interviews, provide analytics, and assist in developing action plans. The data provided regarding retention risks ensure an organization is better equipped to reduce turnover, cut the costs associated with talent loss, and positively affect the internal and external brand of an organization.

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Organizations are increasingly concerned with the causes, costs and effects of turnover, and its impact on effective employment branding. The knowledge gained from our live, thorough, and confidential exit interviews provides you with the data and anecdotal information required to build value propositions to attract and retain employees.

In consultation with your organization, we design customized questionnaires, reporting formats, interviews, and analysis processes. From the information gathered, we develop key recommendations that will impact your organization's future engagement and workforce planning initiatives.

Exit interviews provide an opportunity to reflect upon the bottom line by reducing the cost inherent with turnover and positively influence your organization's employment brand.

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Engagement interviews reduce the high cost of time and resources associated with hiring and developing new employees. Ultimately, this will allow your organization to better understand the needs and issues related to new staff.

We can assist your organization in its retention initiatives by conducting engagement interviews when your employees have reached key milestones in their employment. They provide information useful for the development of new strategies for hiring, training, succession planning, communication, policies and procedures, and on-boarding. Engagement interviews are an early warning system for at risk employees.

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Effective on-boarding has shown to contribute to employee satisfaction and retention, and impacts upon the level of early engagement. It is an important component of talent management and is often the only chance to provide a positive new employee experience. On-boarding can indicate to new staff that you are really fulfilling your employment commitment.

We can add value by augmenting your current processes through follow-up with new hires and other designated employees to ensure that expectations are being met.

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The changing demographics of the workforce present a unique challenge to organizations. There is a dramatic increase in the number of employees becoming eligible for retirement. This, combined with competition for a limited amount of talent in the global marketplace increases the pressure on an organization's talent management strategy.

We can assist you in managing to this changing environment by conducting pre-retirement interviews with your retirement-eligible employees. The information gleaned from these discussions is invaluable. It helps you to better understand the desires and motivations of retirement-age employees. This can then be used in policy development for hiring, training, succession planning, and management practices.