Performance and Leadership Coaching


At The Herrmann Group Limited we believe that to ensure successful coaching outcomes, it is important to involve both the professional and personal aspects of an individual's life. We recognize the uniqueness and complexity of each person and are strong believers in working on strengths in order to reduce the impact of weaknesses. By recognizing what is unique, we can identify ways to minimize shortcomings.

Together with spending exploratory time with the individual, we meet with some of the organization's representatives (i.e. direct supervisors, human resources, peers) to determine needs, issues, and desired outcomes. A battery of psychometric assessments follows to explore innate strengths, areas that may impede success, and personality components. This also identifies preferred methods of interaction, problem solving, management style, how the person likes to be managed, risk tolerance, and preference, et al. The test results together with information from meetings will help to create a comprehensive overview.

An in-depth report would be provided to the individual and reviewed in depth with the psychometrics consultant and coach. A management report can be made available to immediate supervisor and Human Resources.

The goal would be to improve the overall effectiveness, self-awareness, and preparedness of the executive. This would prepare and position him/her for an increasingly critical and impactful role within the organization. These objectives could include to:

  • Improve communication and focus on key result areas that are important to the organization and the continued success of the executive.
  • Enhance overall team building and leadership strength through the evaluation of needs, and then supporting the executive through strategic staff coaching.
  • Identify areas for improvement and address key strength areas and developmental priorities, and personal/professional objectives.
  • Prepare the executive for maximum effectiveness in presentation, interaction, and influence within her/his peer group.
  • Improve her/his personal confidence level, and work within her/his style parameters to ensure success.
  • Consider her/his personal presentation and executive presence. (Wardrobe, grooming, presenting gravitas and professionalism, etc.)

We work towards creating self-awareness before suggesting a development and learning process. Our approach is flexible and customizable based on individual and organizational needs.